The company has a CFA (Apprenticeship Training Center):

          Since its creation, the ITEX company has always given great importance to human development, not only of its staff, but also of the entire region surrounding the company, it has always been a real school bringing together all sectors of the industry in a single industrial space. textile.

          2005 is the creation of a "CFA - ITEX Learning Training Center", with the assistance and support of the following organizations:

  • The Moroccan Ministry of Vocational Training.
  • GIZ (Germany).
  • ESITH (Higher School of Textiles and Clothing Industries).

          The main objectives were to prepare a skilled and versatile workforce, Who will be available to production managers to gain flexibility and avoid risks due to the lack of qualified personnel (absenteeism).

          CFA laureates easily enter the production workshops. Channel managers express their satisfaction of these newcomers, who have the advantage of entering with a background of theoretical and practical knowledge, which save production managers high effort, which allows them to focus on other important factors such as productivity and quality. They are able to work in all positions without difficulty and with more performance.

          The apprentice leaves the CFA with a good grasp of the details of gestural techniques, manages to rise gradually in yield (already the 80%) in a fast and remarkable way, just as we quality. The company considers the money spent to be an investment profitable in the medium term, social and moral invaluable.

          All the surveys carried out among the apprentices have shown how satisfied they are with the opportunity offered to them, for learn trades that they like, with the guarantee of a workstation at the end of their training and which will be crowned by obtaining a diploma recognized by the state.

          Likewise, the learning method provided (theoretical and practical) and supervised by high-level experts, also teaches them the meaning oforganization, of the'mutual aid and some sociability.